United States


"(Aaron Copland's 'In the Beginning'....) was sung beautifully by Miss Wheeler, whose firm, rich voice stood out in eloquent complement to the chorus."

Tim Page, New York Times

"Kimball Wheeler used her magnificently warm and clear mezzo to striking advantage."

Eleanor Keats, The Village Newspapers
New York

"A stirring success, piquant music sung remarkably well."

John Rockwell, New York Times

"Wheeler performed her selections with her accustomed poise and vocal beauty... vital, deeply felt, and performed most handsomely."

Byron Belt, Newhouse News Services

New York

"The soloist in the Lamentation finale was mezzo Kimball Wheeler. She sang with great poise, cool dignity, and rich, even sound."

(Bernstein Jeremiah Symphony)
Pasadena Symphony
John Henken, Los Angeles Times

"Noted mezzo-soprano Kimball Wheeler ... adds the perfect element: sublime and fragile, her voice underpins the structure providing a solid reinforcement to the constructs that surround her ... Without knowing Esperanto at all, I understood every word Ms. Wheeler sang. This is poetry at its most elemental."

James Landon Jones,

"It's worth mentioning the exceptional quality of the solo performance of Kimball Wheeler, a mezzo-soprano whose talent definitely rose to the level of the technical and expressive requirement of the score."

Cornelia Batranca, Esperanto Magazine

"Kimball Wheeler is ideally cast and the performance is committed and vividly recorded."

Lees Symphony No. 4 'Memorial Candles'
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

"Kimball Wheeler was a tower of vocal strength and dramatic power as Jephtha's troubled wife."

Byron Belt, Newark Star Ledger
Novemer 25, 1981
New York

"Mahler's 'Songs on the Death of Children' profited equally from Foss' fluid, articulate conducting and solo voice ideally suited to the music. An unfailingly accurate and sensitive singer, Wheeler applied just the right blend of strength and radiance."

Lawrence B. Johnson, Milwaukee Sentinel
October 18, 1982
Milwaukee Sentinel

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